The 5th Plague is a snitch

My screen name is EnigmaMachine01 on XBox360, so here's my story:
I always pick random select, and this time I had gotten Gouki. My opponent, The 5th Plague, had waited a bit and then chosen El Fuerte.
"Awesome!" I thought. I've seen too many Kens and Sagats lately and Fuerte doesn't get enough props.
Unfortunately, this guy probably should have stuck with red Ken, because he got owned by a perfect. Didn't throw a single fireball, air or ground, I just mixed up his top-down, his Hyakki Gou moves, and walk-up throws. I threw out a Go-Shoryu which I was going to Focus Cancel, but the Shoryu itself finished him, and he disconnected on me. I had just finished taking a picture of the screen when he follows it up with a hilarious message.
Apparently, I was reported. I didn't know beating scrubs was a violation of Terms of Service. My bad.
So watch out. Get a perfect on The 5th Plague is a major no-no.



April 5, 2009 at 11:17 AM

Someone should report this guy to "Stepto" (Xbox Live policy team manager with gamertag Stepto, funnily enough), as their is ample evidence of tampering of the complaint system, which is an offence that can have you suspended from live.


April 5, 2009 at 5:15 PM

LOL, fought this guy too and Enigmamachine is a friend of mine. Was hilarious to see this happen.