Posting from my phone

A bit of sad news guys. Some smart guy decided to send me an image infected with a virus that my antivirus failed to catch. I dont know if they did it on purpose or what, but my computer is boned for the time being, and the blog is temporarily on hold.

Darksydephil is a scrub volume 2!

First! This is what a ragequitter sounds like.

Misc Droppers

People drop in other games too

There's some DCs from BlazBlue and Garou
They dont show much, which sucks for taking pictures. But you could always record your matches and put them up on youtube if you want to expose the people who burned you.

Hate Mailbag

TPeezy80 caught on camera

Collection from I Karyu I

Misc. Droppers

BlazBlue is out now

I dont have the game, but I'm sure there are droppers and hatemailers in BlazBlue so feel free to send in any occurances you get!

Misc. Droppers

Quitter ali_naruto - Loud Laughter Warning!

Everyone loves Hatemail Bag!