Ev1l Pacman by cochecastro

I'll let cochecastro explain:

Picture #1 shows some obscure message he sent before inviting for the match since he was hosting.I guess he was pre-judging the outcome?..who knows?..

Picture #2 shows him disconnecting all because i found a way to crack his turtle-ing ass(i wont even mention the shitty lag that only helped him when he jumped or hit),and he realized he was not going to win with his shitty Balrog. The funny thing is this is the picture he used to dispute his loss since it showed him leading by 2 rounds.( i obviously won the dispute because i had the rest of the pictures he didnt show).

Picture #3 after he disconnected i asked what happened he said he didnt know and again we played but this time i whooped his shitty Balrog again. Bieng an understanding dude an all we played one more match in which he decides to use Rufus.

Picture #4 shows what i should have expected...a sorry ass loser. I wish they would take garbage like this out of GB's. I didnt include pics of the hate mail i got during this match and after. Do the competitive Street Fighting online community a favor and expose this creep. Its just plain sad peeps do this.



June 1, 2009 at 4:35 PM

Creep indeed.


June 4, 2009 at 9:25 AM

Wow i played him on GB's and he did the same crap ass thing! Why hasn't he been banned yet?