VSights catches a ditcher and someone with a...rape fantasy?

The first DC by Whuups is pretty standard.
But that message by VoN Sloss 1980 reads like something out of a japanese rape-fetish porno.

Disgusting rapist - You are very good looking. Time is now for you to sex me.
VoN Sloss 1980 - No! You are not proper gentleman! Stop! What reason are you doing this?!
Disgusting rapist - My plums are ripe and you are a good-time Jane.
VoN Sloss 1980 - Eh ee eh ee eheh e ehe (those bullshit squeaky sounds the girls make in japanese porn)
VoN Sloss 1980 (starting to like it/accept getting raped) - So Fuck!! Go fuck me, dont care!!

Man I should be a screenwriter.