TRIBAL GUY UK wants to test your shoto 'skilz'

"Okay, so I was spending the afternoon getting some Viper practice in. I'm not especially good, but decent enough. I created a ranked match, to which TRIBAL GUY UK joins. He rapidly moves his cursor around the selection screen, which makes me a bit suspicious, but I pick Viper anyway, then find I'm up agaisnt Ken.
The match goes as predicted, with him either firing hadoukens from the corner, or when I come up close enough, it's shoryuken time. He wins the first match. I'd fought a few Kens with this tactic earlier in the day, so I've kind of had enough of it. So, next couple of rounds, I either use seismic hammer as he's in the corner, or antiair thunder knuckle when he comes jumping in, along with baiting him into wakeup shoryukens. I win, I assume that's the end of it.
It isn't.
I get a message afterwards, in which I'm told I have no skill for my behaviour. It was a little cheap I admit, but he didn't seem much better. So, I respond with a little "you mad" and carry on. But no! It's not over. I then learn that "everyone" knows Viper is a cheese win character. I'm intrigued by this, and ask if it's the reason why a lot of people online use Ken instead. Then, the challenge, best of five with Ryu or Ken, and then I get an invite to a player match.
We both use Ken, he uses the same tactics as before, which is still easy enough to counter. I win the first match. Back in the lobby, his 'Ready' button is already lit up, but I'm already bored. So, along comes Dan, with nothing but taunts and weak punches and kicks. He wins, and then it happens. I get a disconnection notice the very instant that "KO" hits the screen.
Then the final message arrives, where I'm the one accused of quitting. Now, I could be wrong, but I'm fairly sure that disconnecting serves no purpose in a player match. (Not that I'm saying it's got a real purpose in ranked, but I know how desperate some people are to preserve their BP).
So, once again, I assume that's the end of it. But no, now I'm periodically getting invites to a rematch, but each and every time I get a notice that I've failed to connect.
Good times."

Thanks to Peter for sending this in.



April 6, 2009 at 11:19 AM

Player Matches don't affect BP but they do affect your win percentage though.