Third time's the charm?

This story comes courtesy of Ben
"XD3adlyKiLLaX Comes into my room. I go straight for Cammy and he waits till I have picked and goes for Guile. He plays as guile and decides to power drop in the third round after I learn his tactics and start baiting him... Ok no big deal.
He comes into my room a second time but I don't realize who it is til we get to the character select screen!! This time he plays as Sagat. Gets SMASHED... power drops 1st cannon spike in.
He Then comes in my room again, and starts flashing his ready button back and forth. I lose teh 1st round because I message him "Whats the point you'll just quit again?!" and then second round starts and as I get a perfect... WHAMO player has disconnected.!! LOL"



April 18, 2009 at 12:26 PM

Sore loser is sore