No disputing it, jojo57450 is a chronic plug puller

Laharlu writes - "This guy was your everyday Tiger Shot spammer but due to too enthousiastic FA'ing them I lost the first round. Proceeded the normal way and won the second round easily and in the third he disconnected after close to perfecting him.Then I meet him again a few minutes later (didn't know until VS screen) and figured, why not? ...And the result is pretty predictable."

I've been a chronic plug puller at times too. Only when I've been single for awhile though.



April 6, 2009 at 2:50 AM

Can you imagine such people working at the ICU of a hospital? On a patient’s point of view, of course (an economic approach on the other hand, would see it as an opportunity to lower costs per “costumer” – such is the world we live in)... ;)