Message to all the readers

I'm overwhelmed by the amount of positive feedback I've gotten. Even just the amount of people reading and submitting stuns me. So here's a 'state of the union' to just let everyone know what is going on around here.

  • I've enabled comments so even people who are not blogger members can (hopefully) post comments.
  • I'm receiving upwards of 40 emails a day. Many include multiple picture. It takes awhile to sort through I'll get to yours as soon as possible.
  • I may not post every picture I am sent as I am getting lots that look like they could be accidental disconnects. I understand that it sucks when it happens but don't be discouraged if your pictures aren't posted because I just don't want to be accusing everyone of being a dcing dick. I'm always looking for new stuff so keep sending it.
  • Lots have people have contacted me asking about whether I'll be putting together some kind of name database for dcers and thanks to Elipsis there will be. Elipsis will be working on it in his free time so I can't comment on the status of it. Hopefully we will have a solid system in place for everyone to use sometime soon.
  • I'm still looking for a way to distinguish PSN/Live posts. Contact me if you have any ideas.