Elipsis was looking for the PPV with xMIAx Slaughter

PPV as in Perfect, Perfect, Victory
"I was fighting xMIAx Slaughter and had won the first round with maybe 30% life or so. I didn’t even play all that great but he made a fair number of mistakes and I got my head around his patterns pretty quickly.
Second round is a debacle… I always play best of 5 and I’m used to my plug pullers at least making it to round 3… this guy was getting destroyed and I’d already gotten a handle on his unfortunate tendency to do stand up Ultras as soon as he had the chance. How do I know this wasn’t a random disconnect? Well his plug pull came right after I jumped over his predictable Ultra and was proceeding to go to town on him.
Here’s what really seals the deal though. I went into the 360 recent players list to give this fellow the customary negative feedback and as it turns out the jackass already had negative feedback from me from the last time he plug pulled on me about a week ago and I didn’t remember his name… I can’t give him negative feedback twice, but I sure can put him on the wall of shame. "