The Curious Case of ADIONNE1982

Submitted by Zyzzyva X

TL DR Version: ADIONNE1982 is a pretty much confirmed lagspiker. Please spam him to high hell.
"Ever since I hit the G2 circut in the champion patch I have noticed games dropping much more than normal. Oddly enough these drops only happen when I was:
A) Destroying them round one
B) The middle of a tight round three,
These were not two bar games, in fact a few were green and most were yellow. Now by higher rate I litereally mean 7 dropped games where I was in the driver seat. No dropped games when I was losing.
So I started jotting down a few of the GTs of people who dropped and would send them and inquisitive msg asking why they dropped. In the past most legitame droppers respond and I truly believe them if they say it was the game, not them.
The ones who dont answer I'm suspicious of. So today I saw ADIONNE1982 waiting for a challenge. I remembered his Akuma so I wanted to test my theory. He had a yellow bar connection. The match started and I let him destroy me both games. No problems, except I could hear him shouting obsenitices as he kicked my ass, F you f you, over and over.
I saw his name about an hour ago and challenged him again. I went full out and I admit he had some good techniques. It was a close fight and we actually Double KO'd. Thirty seconds into the next round, the game lags out, and I get a msg saying I disconnected, just like yesterday.
I was pretty positive that he was playing some dirty pool right there and then so I called him out on it. I decided to bluff and tell him that I videotaped the match and I know that he dropped us from the game. Instead of denying it, he calls me a N*****. I explained how I remembered him from yesterday and how he plulled the same trick. He calls me a N**** angain and tells me to fight him again cause he would kick my ass.
Once again I asked him why he would cheat, and that I was going to share his GT on the forums and he says 'I don't care N****** F*** you." Three times in a row,
It is obvious that this scrub is using shady tactics to bounce people from matches he isn't positive he'll win. If theres a chance he'll lose he'll bounce the game somehow, giving the other player the disconnect. My percentage is now up to 2% due to these people and again I stress, I have never dropped from a game I was obviously losing.
If have all of his messages saved in my inbox as proof and if needed I could probably take a picture and upload it to show you his messages. I'm not just trying to hold a grudge against someone who beat me, I want to send a message to the scrubs who can't play fair.
If I remember correctly, a little bit back one of the top BP players was exposed as a ragequitter and the community flooded his live account with hate mail and he begged them to take the video of him cheating down I want this to happen to ADIONNE1982. (or even try for yourself to challenge him and see what happens, maybe someone else can confirm my story.
We cant let this game become unplayable, because it is starting to become that way in G2. With some research anyone determined enough to find out how to cheat will.
So in summation, please spam the hell out of ADIONNE1982 and if you do, add a post. I would really love to see this scrub get his just desserts.
Thank you"

My take on things. This racist mofo needs to be reported to microsoft asap



April 29, 2009 at 12:07 PM

As far as I know, in G2, you gain points if you win a match or more, but you don't lose any points if you lost.

Why would people still disconnecting in the Champion Mode?

  Zyzzyva X

April 29, 2009 at 12:18 PM

They are overloading your ip with a barrage of junk data on command causing the victim's provider to momentarlly cut them off. That way the victim is technically the disconnector and they get the penalty.

I have a 2% disconnect from shit like this. every game i dropped I was winning.


April 29, 2009 at 2:07 PM

I live in Europe and haven't disconnect in Champion mode, people only have disconnected me twice, and i was losing!!! So it was an accidental disconnect.

I don't know if what you say is only in xbox (i'm a ps3 user), but if it begin to raise will be too bad.

I hope this losers to go to tekken 6 when it comes out.


April 29, 2009 at 8:37 PM

he sounds like he has assburger's syndrome, poor lonely bastard


May 2, 2009 at 9:28 AM

"instead of denying it, he calls me a nigger."

that's comedy gold.