acrooklyn blows his wad all over this blog.

WARNING: That picture is huge!
That many disconnects is either hilarious or tragic. You decide.

Also, if anyone feelss like sending me a load of pictures like that again, I beg you, please stitch them together and list who is in them for me. goes:

GuiltyLondon, Buntman, itachi23, Goblin2AGoon, silver_dragon1st, parrotking, the_tat, John_Candy45, avieira007, Naraku70D, HitU_BigTyme, ZeE_PwNer, Gilzilla72, deaftly, JCarmo69, soul-riot, igt14u, paullikesmen, XxFuser_04xX, Kindofaprodigy, Deeziel, KenjiYoshioka, ThunderAngelFury, mota1981, nynyght, zunbun21, giantbass, P_Money88, tonykid, wakkito, mufc35, Whispersilk, RoLLbuDDy777, ogm721, baithumann
This post has taken me a good 40 min and I'm burnt out. I'll get to the other 20+ emails in my inbox sometime later today.