More losers courtesy of Rakurai-UK

"battokintaro - nearly 6000BP with a garbage ken, thinking he can just wait for me to jump so he can cr.HP only too stupid to realise I can just throw fireballs at him all day. The poor idiot decides to quit before I could land an ultra to punish his flow chart. I also remember beating him before, so I guess he didn't take the BP loss very well..."

"arikadox1980 - Quits in a PLAYER MATCH .... Unimpressive Sagat just trying to stick to 1 set of dry tactics and wakeup ultra. People who tier whore in this manner and lose, really don't deserve to play this game at all."



April 19, 2009 at 3:20 AM

I just played (and beat) arikadox1980, he was doing scrubby stuff like random ultras, but he had 13000bp lol

He didn't quit on me so he must've started quitting after the KO.