Jecht v3 has discovers some losers

"I always have flawless connections during matches and hardly ever experience lag, which is why when someone dc's, its usually cause they are worried about precious BP
Yurple Black -Stunned him and was about to win the entire match when he "suddenly" lost connection
S0 I CluTch I - A Whoryuken Ken, after a round and a half of wake up Shoryukens and three wake up (and blocked) Ultras, he "suddenly" disconnects as I am nearing my victory in the 2nd round. I messaged him asking him why he quit after getting punished for blocked Ultras and he replied with the message attached
W Witse - After winning two rounds in a row in which I had nearly all my health, this Seth player quits right before the start of round 3
Truba D - This fireball spamming Akuma miraculously lost connection as I won the 2nd round"
I love the reasoning of S0 I CluTch I in that message. How DARE Jecht v3 block his ultra lol.