Hello, Srk, Neogaf, 4chan and others

Don't forget to give your username with submissions so I can give you credit.

When sending in pictures please consider if it was an actual disconnect. I have received pictures of disconnects 15 seconds into the first round with both fighters at decent amounts of health. This does not look intentional, and I cannot post these.

Lastly, I have gotten some feedback and a much requested feature is to separate posts into PSN and Live posts. I would like to do this but I'm not sure how. I currently use bloggers labels to highlight the losers in each post so I'm not sure I could do the PSN/Live thing without messing up the list of most frequent droppers.
If anyone knows a way to categorize posts, or have a separate set of labels please send me a line. It would be much appreciated. And more feedback is always welcome.